August 11, 2010

Our Wedding Day

So much can be said about our special day....our wedding day! A joyous celebration with family, friends, and a man who knows my heart. We could not have asked for a more beautiful and spirit-filled event.

I lead a "bald life" on average 363 days out of the year. I went back and forth on whether to wear a wig on my wedding day. I was not living in my hometown when I lost my hair. Most of my family knows me with hair and it takes a little getting used to for them when I go home for visits.

The decision basically came down to my preference of going bald versus my grandmother's comfort. This wonderful lady is 90 years old and does not understand why I would not wear a wig. She absolutely loves seeing me in a wig. In the culture in which she grew up wearing wigs was common. When my grandmother first saw me in my veil and wedding dress, I knew we had made the right decision. It wasn't just my day. It was a day for all of my loved ones.

I have many memorable moments from having hair on my wedding day.
A 4 year old friend spinning around the bridal shop while trying on my veil.

My mom and little sister picking out my wig and coloring.

My groom not being able to find me during some pre-wedding day festivities. He always looks for the bald one.

Getting my hair pre-done for the wedding. Not many can say that.

The excitement of spending a morning with my bridesmaids at the salon getting an up do, drawing on eyebrows, and applying eyelashes. Some wonderful moments with a talented stylist and childhood friend.

The look on the groom's face seeing me for the first time. I don't even remember what he said.

After an hour of photos, the photographer saying, "Do you want to take your wig off for these next shots?" An exhilarating moment.

Sitting in an air conditioned room before the ceremony I was able to "let my hair down". Wig in the corner, feet propped up.

Taking pictures with friends at the reception only to hear, "Wait a minute. This isn't right." The next thing I knew we were having a bald photo shoot.

And finally, my husband taking off the wig at the end of the night and telling me I look beautiful.

I am so blessed that I am accepted as a beautiful bald lady in today's society. In the end, I am continuing to learn it is not what you look like that matters. With hair or without, what does matter is how you share your heart with others.
Wedding Day Slideshow
Wedding Day Photos

June 01, 2010

The Sharpie Marker

On the last day of school this year, I was sitting against lockers signing students' yearbooks. A student comes up to me and says, "What would you do if I wrote on your head?" I was half paying attention and shrugged my shoulders with a little laugh. The next thing I know a smiley face was being drawn on my head. So started the line of kids waiting to make a mark on my bald head. A day I'll never forget and a testimony to how comfortable these students have become with someone who is a little different. I love these kids!

April 28, 2010

Engagement Photos

A fun afternoon with a fiance who loves my bald head. Click to view the slideshow.

March 31, 2010

3 steps back

Scene: Dining-in at a fast food restaurant. 8 year old or so boy bounces past my table. He takes 3 steps backward and stops. Deep stare. I smile. He bounces on with balloon in hand.

Hopefully he'll become a little more discreet in the future or at least stop long enough for me to explain that yes, I am a bald girl.

Big grin.

March 05, 2010

141 days until our wedding

141 days until....our wedding!!! I've wanted to write a post about my fiancé for several months now. To share with this community the man who loves every part of me--the man who even loves that I do not have hair.

It is truly hard to put all of my thoughts into words. When I chose to not wear a wig, the biggest fear I had was dating. You can read some of my past insecurities in "Dating...Is it the hair?" and "Blind Date". "Do you wear a wig on the first date", "when do you tell the guy", or "would a guy even ask out the bald lady" were just some of my concerns. There were continual challenges and fears that arose.

Then one day, when I least expected, it happened. I met a man who would soon pray, "God let me see her as you see her." We met on a rare occasion when I was wearing a blond wig (later he told me that he did not remember what color hair I had). I told him over the phone that I had Alopecia and was bald. I really did not think he would ever call me back. Then, the next night the phone rang.

For our first date, I told him that I was not going to wear a wig. We were both noticeably anxious. I did not know what he would think of my smooth scalp and he did not know how he was going to react.

I have not worn a wig in his company since we first met. Actually, he's worn the wig more than I have. :) Sometimes I ask, "What would you think if my hair ever grew back?" His response is always, "I'd shave it off when you weren't looking."

I did not fall in love with this man simply because he accepted that I was bald. I love this man because from the beginning he went to God asking for help. Asking to see me through God's eyes and not with false judgment.

There are a lot of unknowns surrounding this journey with Alopecia. I am very thankful for all those in my life and in my fiancé's life who have affirmed our faith and guided us to a Godly perception. We are in awe of the beauty of our relationship and encourage all to be slow to judge.